Updated at 19:03,26-05-2019

Israeli president from Belarusian village


Shimon Peres has received a commemorative birth certificate confirming the fact that one of the most renowned contemporary politicians came into life in what is now Belarus.

The 89-year-old head of state accepted the document from Ihar Liashchenya, head of the ministry’s Department for Africa and the Middle East, in his residence in Jerusalem. Mr Liashchenya made the point that Shimon Peres was always welcome in his small motherland.

The current Israeli President was born on August 2, 1923 in the village of Vishneva (now Valozhyn district, Minsk region).

Presenting the commemorative certificate is another event which are being organised on the ocassion of the oncoming 90th birthday of our famous compatriot.

At the end of May a plaque was unveiled on the house where Mr Peres grew up during his eldest daughter Tzvia Walden’s visit to the village of Vishneva.