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2019 Parliamentary Elections and New Constitution Kомментарии
16 июль 2019, 19:34 | English / Main story

In spite of the reduced oil donations from Russia’s side and imposed limitations on Belarusian agricultural exports, Lukashenka will not concede to steps of real integration. „итать

Human remains from Svislac grave for Kalinouski DNA test Kомментарии
12 июль 2019, 11:55 | Main story / Society

Human remains have been found in Viktar Kalinouski’s grave in Svislach „итать

Why Economic Reforms In Belarus Are Now More Urgent Than Ever Kомментарии
01 июль 2019, 00:23 | Main story / Economy

For many years, the World Bank experts been saying that Belarus needs structural economic reforms to accelerate economic growth. „итать

Belarus spends $130m on European Games not $50m as Lukashenka promised Kомментарии
28 июнь 2019, 09:35 | Main story / Economy

Speaking in the parliament on Wednesday, Finance Minister Maksim Yermalovich said a total of 540 million Belarusian rubles (BYN) (nearly $265 million) was spent to organize the 2nd European Games in Minsk. „итать

The Land Of Infinite Stability. How Come Nothing Changes In Belarus’ Politics For 25 Years Kомментарии
26 июнь 2019, 14:42 | Main story / Featured Stories

There is an anniversary coming soon in Belarus. 25 years ago, on 20 July 1994, Alexander Lukashenko became the first and so far the only president of the country. „итать

The controversy of the European Games: Price vs Prestige Kомментарии
21 июнь 2019, 13:48 | English / Main story

In preparation for the European Games 2019 on the 21st of June, Belarus has already spent the double compared to the planned budget – $112m for ceremonies, repair, volunteers, and other expenses. „итать

How much will Belarusian sportsmen get for medals of European Games? Kомментарии
21 июнь 2019, 10:58 | Main story / Society

Belarusian winners of the European Games will get 10200 roubles (about $5000). „итать

Yury Karayew appointed interior minister Kомментарии
17 июнь 2019, 17:28 | Main story / Politics

Alyaksandr Lukashenka on Tuesday appointed Yury Karayew to serve as Belarus’ minister of internal affairs. „итать

Interior Minister Dismissed Ahead Of 2nd European Games In Minsk Kомментарии
10 июнь 2019, 19:04 | Main story / Politics

Igor Shunevich is relieved of his post as the Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko received his letter of resignation, TUT.BY reports. „итать

Haves and have nots of 2nd European Games in Minsk Kомментарии
10 июнь 2019, 18:47 | Main story / Featured Stories

Representatives of the local broadcaster working at the 2nd European Games to be held in Minsk from June 21 to 30 will be allocated up to 191 BYN (91 USD) per day for food. „итать

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