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Lukashenka sings in Ukrainian in Alexandria (video) Kомментарии
16 июль 2018, 18:15 | English / Main story

Ukrainian singer Taisia Povaliy approached Alyaksandr Lukashenka while performing in Alexandria, Lukashenka's home village, during the annual mid-summer music festival 'Alexandria Gathers Friends' dedicated to the pagan fest Kupala Night. „итать

UN Human Rights Council adopts resolution on Belarus, Foreign Ministry calls it absurd Kомментарии
09 июль 2018, 17:23 | Main story / Politics

On July 6, the UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on the situation of human rights in Belarus. The mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on Belarus has been extended for another year. „итать

Several Kurapaty defenders detained Kомментарии
29 июнь 2018, 14:19 | Main story / Politics

Zmicier Dashkevich, Yahor Laurukhin and Valery Mints were detained on the morning of 29 June when they were trasnporting new crosses for the Kurapaty memorial on a truck. „итать

Not Drunkards Anymore! Belarus Drops To 27th Place In Alcohol Consumption Kомментарии
28 июнь 2018, 14:26 | Main story / Society

In the latest report of the World Health Organization (WHO) Belarus took 27th place in terms of alcohol consumption per capita. „итать

Belarus delegation visits Chechnya Kомментарии
27 июнь 2018, 17:33 | Main story / Politics

On 25 June, a Belarusian delegation led by President Lukashenka's oldest son and national security aide Viktar visited Chechnya, reports Radio Liberty Belarusian Service. „итать

Office of the President's head admits corruption Kомментарии
26 июнь 2018, 15:23 | Main story / Politics

Belarus’ fight against corruption is based on principles, and it will be open and transparent. „итать

‘At front’. If fails, Belarus might merge into another state – Lukashenka Kомментарии
25 июнь 2018, 17:56 | Main story / Politics

If Belarus fails to solve economic problems, it may lose its independence or become a party to the armed conflict, president Alyaksandr Lukashenka believes. „итать

Former corrupt officials quit new jobs as collective farm directors Kомментарии
22 июнь 2018, 13:54 | Main story / Politics

Belarus' State Security Committee, also known in Belarus under the old Soviet name KGB, recently detained several officials from the Healthcare Ministry. Social media immediately responded to this news with jokes that Belarus desperately needs new collective farm directors and KGB makes sure to „итать

Putin: Russia seeks to strengthen political integration with Belarus Kомментарии
20 июнь 2018, 15:15 | Main story / Politics

Russia seeks to strengthen political and economic integration with Belarus, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on 19 June. „итать

Travelers Can Now Get Tax Refund In Cash At Minsk National Airport Kомментарии
18 июнь 2018, 13:41 | Main story / Society

Tax refund desk has appeared in the departure area at Minsk National Airport. „итать

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