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Foreign Minister Makei: We want Belarus ambassador to arrive in Washington ASAP
01 июль 2020, 16:22 | English / Main story

"We are interested in [Belarusian] Ambassador arriving in D.C. and getting to work as soon as possible," Belarus' Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei said on Tuesday. read more

Over 800,000 Minskers Lack Clean Water. What Did Happen?
30 июнь 2020, 23:22 | Main story / Society

People of over 1,400 houses in the Frunzensky district and 860 in the Moskovsky district of Minsk have been affected by the water situation recently. read more

Volunteers not allowed to count election votes
29 июнь 2020, 18:04 | Main story / Politics

In 2020, Belarusians, previously not interested in politics, suddenly believed that they could be allowed to count the votes at the 2020 election. read more

EU Calls On Belarusian Authorities To Release Viktor Babariko And His Son
26 июнь 2020, 11:41 | Main story / Politics

The statement by the EU spokesperson on recent developments. read more

2020 Election In Belarus: Police Raid Gazprombank Office, Other Companies
13 июнь 2020, 19:15 | Main story / Politics

On Thursday, 11 June, searches are being conducted at the head office of Belgazprombank, as well as Privat Leasing, Centaur, and Campari. The spokesman for the State Control Committee said that the raid was connected to an investigation into tax evasion. read more

New information minister: Belarusians need protection from 'harmful information'
11 июнь 2020, 14:13 | Main story / Society

Belarusians need protection "from information [on the internet], which harms the state, " new Information Minister Ihar Lutski said in an STV broadcast, adding that his ministry has a task of communicating "the state's policy" to the population. The Ministry of Information will "adjust the work of read more

Belarus's 'Slipper Revolution' Seeks To Stamp Out Lukashenka. Is He At Risk?
09 июнь 2020, 00:47 | Main story / Politics

The sight of thousands of people snaking along streets in towns and cities across Belarus to sign petitions for opposition would-be candidates has apparently spooked authoritarian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka, who has ruled since 1994 and is seeking a sixth term in an election on August 9. read more

Belarus election: Shoot to kill scenario unlikely, political analyst says
05 июнь 2020, 16:26 | Main story / Society

I expected that this year the authorities would not wait to apply repression until Election Day, but would try to intimidate potential protesters earlier - in July or early August. But I did not expect it to start so early," read more

How Russian propaganda saves Belarus from Poland
02 июнь 2020, 19:54 | Main story / Politics

The “Polish threat for Minsk” narrative has returned to the Kremlin-backed propaganda outlets ahead of the presidential elections in Belarus. The latest messaging includes such topics as ‘Poland’s colonial policy,’ funding ‘info-saboteurs,’ and supporting the ‘candidates of protest.’ The “Polish read more

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