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'There are no viruses here': Belarus president plays ice hockey amid Covid-19 pandemic – video Kомментарии
31 март 2020, 13:14 | English / Main story

The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko took part in an ice hockey game in Belarus, saying that 'there are no viruses here', adding that ice hockey is an 'anti-virus remedy.' „итать

Belarusian Journalist Satsuk Detained For Alleged Bribe Taking Kомментарии
29 март 2020, 13:49 | Main story / Society

The Belarusian news website ej.by says state authorities have detained its director and editor in chief on suspicion of accepting a bribe. „итать

Pro-Russian Telegram channel calls on Putin to protect Belarus from coronavirus Kомментарии
22 март 2020, 20:07 | Main story / Politics

The anonymous pro-Russian Telegram channel BeloRusskiy Dialog (BeloRussian Dialogue) is confident there is a bleak future for Belarus. On „итать

Less Russia, More Europe On Belarus's New Symbol-To-Be Kомментарии
06 март 2020, 00:33 | Main story / Featured Stories

Amid a push from Russia for closer ties, Belarus is considering adopting a new national coat of arms that pointedly looks west. „итать

Belarus among Top 10 most militarized countries in 2019 Kомментарии
25 февраль 2020, 13:06 | Main story / Society

Belarus is ranked No 9. „итать

Belarus Drains Reserve Oil From Druzhba Pipeline, Europe Flows Unaffected Kомментарии
12 февраль 2020, 22:45 | Main story / Economy

Belarus is draining crude oil from the Druzhba pipeline for refining at the Novopolotsk and Mozyr refineries, the press service of the Belneftekhim told TUT.BY. „итать

No breakthrough from Belarusian-Russian oil and gas talks in Sochi Kомментарии
09 февраль 2020, 19:30 | Main story / Politics

The sides failed to agree on an oil price discount for Belarus. „итать

Never Before. Number Of Belarus-Russia Union Supporters Falls By Third Kомментарии
08 февраль 2020, 12:12 | Main story / Society

Over the past year, the number of supporters of the Belarus-Russia union has decreased from 60,4% to 40,4%, aсcording to a recent survey published by belstat.eu. „итать

Lukashenka Says Possible Talks With Putin Will Be 'Moment Of Truth' Kомментарии
06 февраль 2020, 17:58 | Main story / Politics

Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week to discuss ongoing disagreements over tariffs for Russian oil. „итать

40% of Belarusians support union with Russia - BAW poll Kомментарии
05 февраль 2020, 21:55 | Main story / Society

The number of people in Belarus supporting a union with Russia dropped from 60 down to 40 percent in 2019, the latest national poll by Andrei Vardamatski's Belarusian Analytical Workroom (BAW) reveals. „итать

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