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Interior Minister: Belarus will set a barrier to permissiveness on Internet Kомментарии
18 сентябрь 2018, 18:06 | English / Main story

Minister of Internal Affairs Ihar Shunevich has commented on the draft decree on identification of Internet users currently proposed for public discussion. „итать

Belarus 53rd in world life quality index Kомментарии
17 сентябрь 2018, 10:25 | Main story / Society

Belarus occupies the 53rd place in the world in the Life Quality Index released annually by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). „итать

Crimean scenario or replacing Lukashenka? Russian diplomacy shaping Belarus’ future Kомментарии
13 сентябрь 2018, 10:16 | Main story / Politics

Russia wants Lukashenka to surrender his power to another person as soon as possible; the country should be ready for the Crimean scenario in respect of Belarus. These messages are included in the publication “World In The 21st Century: Forecast For The Development Of The International situation By „итать

Belarusian scientist believes humans could have come from aliens Kомментарии
12 сентябрь 2018, 12:59 | Main story / Society

Belarusian academician Pyotr Vitsyaz has conceded that people living on Earth are descendants of aliens. „итать

Top 5 fake stories about Belarus spread by Russian media Kомментарии
06 сентябрь 2018, 10:55 | Main story / Featured Stories

Belsat.eu has selected 5 narratives about Belarus, which were recently discussed in the Russian media space. „итать

Lukashenka not happy with candidates for Belarus ambassador post in Moscow Kомментарии
04 сентябрь 2018, 22:03 | Main story / Politics

President Aliaksandr Lukashenka has not approved a new Belarus ambassador to Russia, reports the press office of the head of state. „итать

Healthcare ministry explains why non-certified vaccine was procured Kомментарии
31 август 2018, 13:55 | Main story / Society

The Ministry of Healthcare held a news briefing to explain why the unregistered South Korean vaccine Eupenta had been bought. „итать

State-run TV channel blurs white-red-white flag on musician's T-shirt Kомментарии
28 август 2018, 18:32 | Main story / Politics

ONT, a state-run TV channel in Belarus, chose to blur the white-red-white national Belarusian flag on the T-shirt of Yury Stylski, the front-man of the popular punk-rock band Dai Darohu from Brest. „итать

Trade union leaders sentenced to restricted liberty terms in Belarus Kомментарии
27 август 2018, 09:45 | Main story / Politics

A court in Minsk on 24 August pronounced the verdict in the case of Belarusian independent trade union leaders tried on charges of tax evasion. „итать

BelaPAN director Ales Lipai dies Kомментарии
24 август 2018, 14:59 | Main story / Society

He was reportedly fighting with cancer in the past several years. „итать

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