Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

Belarusian KGB: We keep an eye on Neonazi recruiting fighters to Donbas (video)

Yan Babitski, Belsat

Commenting the latest actions of the Russian National Unity (RNU), an extreme right organisation, the Belarusian KGB does not rule out the possibility of provocative acts in the territory of Belarus. The Belarusian department of the RNU started recruiting volunteers to fight on the side of separatists in Ukraine. Are Belarusians ready to be in the war?

Ancient Russian swastikas and Nazi-like salutes: the RNU is often associated with Nazism. Now the organisation is becoming active in our country.

English subs:

ALIAKSEI YANUKEVICH, Belarusian People's Front (BPF): The initiative imperils the national interests of Belarus. Moscow aims to revive the Russian propaganda in Belarus and create its own network here.

The official website of the Belarusian Regional Russian National Unity says that any man who accomplished 23 years and served in the army can join their group of volunteers. ‘Our Orthodox brothers in the west and southeast of former Ukraine need help; they are standing against both the former Ukrainian army and foreign mercenaries, including members of the BPF,’ the statement says. Are their plans real?

ALIAKSEI YANUKEVICH, Belarusian People's Party: In my opinion, not a single political party is able to be active and have multidivisional structure in Belarus, because they are subjected to the state and special forces's pressure. It the case of the RNU the pressure is reasonable.

The Belarusian State Security Committee (KGB) is monitoring the situation.

ARTUR STREKH, KGB press office: We have taken note of this information. It may be regarded as some provocation. Our attitude is negative, but it is another question whether the information of the RNU is true.

It's an open secret that the state Belarusian flags were also flying over the heads of separatists. But there has not been any official information that the Belarusians did take part in the standoff. A group of 'volunteers' from Belarus in social media Vkontacte numbered 387 persons; today new members have joined the group. But are Belarusian citizens going to make a stand against the Ukrainian authorities in real life?


No, I am not. It is not our country.

If asked, I would go.

They should solve such problems by their own means.

But now attempts to draw our country into Russia's provocations against Ukraine are obvious. For example, Ukrainian border officers detained two citizens of Russia at the border with Belarus. The search revealed camos and arms; one of them had a party card of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.