Updated at 19:56,22-01-2021

Meat in Belarus costs more than in all neighbouring states (photo)

Tamara Savich, Euroradio

The state stopped controlling meat prices on April 1 and the purchase price for chicken was increased on May 21. Belarusians fascinated by hockey matches did not notice the rapid price growth at first.

One could buy pork for Br90-120 thousand in Kamarouski market earlier. Not it costs 140-160 thousand roubles on average! Moreover, there are not many people selling pork there either.

Meat in Belarus costs more than in all neighbouring states (photo)

Officials are accusing African swine fever of the price increase. The fever reduced the livestock in 2013, they say.

“There is not enough pork in shops. But we think that the situation will get better, just wait a bit – pigs gain weight quickly,” Babruisk meat-packing plant told Euroradio.

There are no problems with pork supplies, you just need to look for suppliers actively, officials from the Ministry of Trade claimed.

The Ministry of Trade is right: the livestock has reduced by 600 thousand pigs this year. And it decreased by 100 thousands in the first four months of 2014! But the decrease is not dramatic. Why do we lack pork then?

Another popular explanation of the meat shortage is the fact that pork and chicken are being exported to Russia. Minister of Economy Mikalai Snapkou said:

"The purchase price for chicken has increased in Russia. Producers find it more beneficial to export their products. That is why the Ministry of Economy has decided to increase the maximum sale price by 10% – we need agricultural enterprises to supply meat to the domestic market too,” the method of protecting the internal market seems rather strange. You used to be able to buy chicken fillet for 50 thousands a kilo and now it costs 70 thousands.

We decided to check meat prices in the neighbouring stets. A friend from Vilnius confessed that the meat prices had not increased for two months there:

“Chicken costs about 10 litas (40 thousand roubles) and pork – about 15 litas (60 thousand roubles).”

Meat is not more expensive is Białystok either. Pork costs 17-26 złotys (up to Br83 thousand).

Meat in Belarus costs more than in all neighbouring states (photo)

Meat in Belarus costs more than in all neighbouring states (photo)

But it’s not about the European Union – all our meat has been exported to Russia!

We phone Yelena living in Kovrov (Vladimirskaya Oblast, Russia). The girl could not remember when the chicken or pork prices had changed.

“The prices went up before the New Year’s Day and went down afterwards. Chicken costs 80 Russian roubles (Br23600), chicken fillet – about 170 (50150). Pork is a bit a more expensive – 220-250 (Br64000). Minced chicken costs about 170 too,” Yelena said.

Polina from Smolensk had to look into her fridge to tell us the chicken prices. She only found minced chicken for Br50 thousand there.

Yulya from Smolensk buys Belarusian chicken from time to time. She is satisfied with its quality and price.

“Chicken costs about 100 roubles a trunk (Br30000). Chicken fillet costs about 170 roubles (Br51000) a kilo.”

Meat in Belarus costs more than in all neighbouring states (photo)

Social networks users have even sent us information about Moscow prices – they are the same as in Minsk – Br120-180 for a kilo of pork.