Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Lukashenka explains what is more important than visiting EU


The Belarusian President has been interviewed by Serbian mass media in Minsk today.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka answered questions about Belarus’ social and economic development, the influence of the financial economic crisis on the country, interaction with the European Union and NATO and prospects of Belarus-Serbia bilateral relations.

Lukashenka also commented on the West’s criticism of his policy. “The policy helps us develop somehow and preserve stability in the country,” BELTA quotes the state leader. “It is much more important to me. It is better to see a young Mom with a baby in a pram walking in the evening safely, without the fear of being attacked by some looters or knackers. I want families to live normally and give birth to children. It is more important that visiting the EU and smiling to one another there.”

He does not bear a grudge against the West, Alyaksandr Lukashenka confessed. He understands what the West and western leaders want from him and Belarus. “I will never do it and will not let them boss it here,” Lukashenka said during the interview.