Updated at 17:31,07-04-2020

Ministry of Interior: Belarusian fighters in Ukraine might be subject to criminal sanctions


Our nationals taking part in military actions in Ukraine and people recruiting them are criminally liable in Belarus.

Most Belarusian fighters may be prosecuted under Article 133 of the Criminal Code (‘Mercenarism’), news portal tut.by reports referring to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The citizens of Belarus are joining both Ukraine-volunteer battalions and pro-Russian insurgents.

English subs:

There are about 15 Belarusians in battalion 'Donbas' now. One should have the Ukrainian citizenship or residence permit to join the battalion that is now finishing recruitment and may be sent to the east of Ukraine soon. All the Belarusians, who have signed up for the service, asked Ukraine’s Interior Minister to provide them with a residence permit or citizenship. The minister promised to assist in preparing the necessary documents so that the Belarusians could legally serve.

But some Belarusians are eager to take the side of separatists. For example, in June journalists of newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda met with Natallia, a woman in uniform with the red-green official flag, in Sloviansk, Ukraine.

'On May, 7 I came to Sloviansk. I was born and raised in Belarus. Before my arrival at Sloviansk I had lived in Belarus, Minsk region, the town of Barysau, Trusau Street. I am not afraid to show my face and passport: I will go to Belarus only after all the border crossing checkpoints are seized by the militia. I would like to say hello to Batska [Father] Ryhoravich [Belarusian President Aliaksandr R. Lukashenka] and tell him: “Batska, your citizens are on this side. Just in case, I want you to know it, Ryhoravich.” Girls, boys, nobody sent us, we just came here of our own free will,’ she told the reporters.

Another Belarusian citizen, Homel-born Anatol Mauchanau, started to fight against Ukraine in Crimea and even got awards. He also dreamed of a medal ‘For the Capture of Kyiv’.