Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Minister Snapkou purchases $500 000 worth apartment


The Minister of Economy is in possession of an elite 134 square meters large apartment.

Nasha Niva already told about the elite housing in Pijanerskaja Street in Dradzy.

Four apartment houses were built in late 2000s, the contractor from the Trest Promstroy company. The elite apartments were sold at a commercial price, so their owners became first of all businessmen.

Two apartments got the attention of journalists. As it was reported earlier, in October 2010 the speaker of the house of representatives Uladzimir Andrejchanka mysteriously privatized a 114 square meters large two-bedroom apartment in the building 7 in Pijanerskaja Street.

However, there is another high official among the apartment owners there. One of the most spacious apartments in the house a 134 square meters three-bedroom flat belongs to the Minister of Economy Mikalaj Snapkou.

The situation over this apartment is no less tangled then Uladzimir Andrejchankas story.

Minister Snapkou purchases $500 000 worth apartment

The yards are cozy in front of the houses in Pijanerskaja Street. In the picture you see the view from the window in Mikalaj Snapkous house.

In January 2009 Snapkou, the then deputy chairman of Mahilou region, moves to Minsk. He was invited to work as Lukashenkas deputy chief of staff.

By the way, according to the decree On creation of special housing facilities for servicemen this is not the position, which presumed he immediately got an apartment as a public officer.

Snapkou got registered in presidents residence in Drazdy, and he started solving his housing issue. Already after having worked for half a year Snapkou purchased the apartment in Pijanerskaja Street 7.

According to an extract from the Single State Real Estate Registrar, in July 2009 the official obtained a mortgage for the elite apartment.

There would be nothing surprising in that: the owner of dozens expensive apartments in Minsk purchased real estate, having previously got a loan in foreign currency. Until they pay the loan in full, it is the bank that is considered the apartments owner.

Minister Snapkou purchases $500 000 worth apartment

But Snapkous situation is completely different. First, he got the mortgage not from a bank, but from housing and communal services. The documents state that the owner of his apartment is still the housing and communal services of Minsks Central district. Second, the sale of the apartment was agreed to be made in installments throughout five years.

The details of the agreement are unknown, but usually such an approach is a manifestation of unprecedented generosity in the conditions of Belarusian inflation.

The mortgage was 320 million roubles. At the beginning of the payments in July 2009 the USA dollar exchange rate was about 3000 roubles. Not it is 10 200. Do you feel the difference?

Already this month the Minister of Economy Snapkou will pay the housing and communal services in full and will become a rightful owner of his apartment.

Mikalaj Snapkou was born in 1969 in Mahilou. He graduated from Belarusian Agricultural Academy (1991), Governance Academy (2001). In 1990-1994 he worked as an economist, senior economist, accountant for agricultural enterprises in Mahilou and Hrodna regions. In 1994-1996 he was an economist, chief economist, deputy head of a Belagroprom banks office in Drybin, in 1996-2000 he was the deputy chairman of Horky district executive committee. In 2000-2009 he worked as the head of the financial department and then as the deputy chairman of Mahilou region executive committee. In 2009 he was Lukashenkas deputy chief of staff, starting from December 2009 he is the Minister of Economy.