Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Lukashenka: Stalin has gone, others have too, while I am last to leave


The Belarusian ruler has put himself in the same raw together with Europes notorious dictators.

In an interview to the host of Russia 1 TV channels Saturday News show Sergey Brilyov Lukashenka claimed he got tired of life.

As to Europes last dictator, I often say to journalist to be glad I am the last one. Since it is the last one, there will be no more. Stalin has long gone, others have too, while I am the last one to leave In your history, in your lives this will be a separate page, - Lukashenka pointed out. I have worked as a president for 20 years, what else do I need? I should be thinking of a warm place, where to sit in peace. I am simply a tired man. I am looking for a corner for me to sit quietly and rest.