Updated at 16:29,01-07-2020

Lukashenka: 400,000 people should be put to work in the name of revolution


The Belarus leader on October 20 held a meeting with the government to discuss employment and labor migration in Belarus.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka was outraged by existence of nonworkers. "I am told that about 500 thousand of our citizens are not involved in the country's economy. Suppose 100,000 are housewives and those working in their farmstead. What do the 400 thousands do? At whose expense do they live?" BELTA reports the words of the head of state.

Separately, Lukashenka spoke on the issue of persons obliged to work for the state to reimburse it for keeping their children. According to him, these negligent parents are sent to work in the housing and utilities system. "Housing and utilities workers are suffering and constantly complaining: they do not come to work, we have to police them their by the hand or something else. Why not go further? When he is employed, he is required to work and does not work, why aren't we taking further action?" Lukashenka criticized the officials.

According to him, these and other dependents enjoy all the benefits of the state, get a free education, medical care, pay utility bills on the state subsidized rates.

"It's time to stop this dependency, 400,000 people should be involved in work in the name of revolution. Tehre should not be slackers in the country. It is necessary to force these people to work and stop giving away free benefits to those who do not work," Lukashenka said.

Lukashenka ordered head of Administration Andrei Kabyakou and State Security Council Secretary Alyaksandr Myazhuyeu to prepare appropriate proposals by the end of the year.