Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Belarus may lose $100 million due to Russia's ban


Deputy Minister of Agriculture Leanid Marynich says Belarus' losses can total $100 million due to the ban of Belarus foodstuffs in Russia.

The Russian Agricultural Inspectorate temporarily forbade the import of products of 15 Belarusian enterprises at the end of November. It will result in major losses for the Belarusian economy, senior deputy Minister of Agriculture and Nutrition Leanid Marynich believes. Belarus may lose $100 million, he told STV.

Head for the main department of foreign economic activity of the Ministry of Agriculture and Nutrition Alyaksei Bahdanau refuted the information about Belarus increasing its export with the help of European goods banned by Russia. Imported dairy products were only 2.5-3% of the whole production in Belarus, he said. Imported milk was mostly used for making cheese and the cheese was sold in Belarus and exported to Russia and Kazakhstan, Bahdanau said.

The level of supplies has not exceeded last year’s level, Bahdanau stressed. 87% of the expected amount was supplied in January-October. Belarus has sold 79% of the meat quota and 91% of the fish quota.