Updated at 18:12,15-06-2018

Publisher Logvinau requests help paying a fine of 961 millions

Artsiom Martynovich, Euroradio

On Tuesday, in Minsk, he held a press conference where he asked for help from the public.

On January 20, Igar Logvinau, Belarusian publisher and Logvinau bookstore owner, appealed to the public. At a press conference in Minsk, he recalled that recently, the economic court sentenced him to a fine of more than 5 million rubles "for illegal business activities". He will also be charged 961 million rubles, which the tax authorities considered the store profit.

The publisher was accused of selling books without a license from the Ministry of information.

In court, Igar Logvinau did not admit his guilt. He also noted that 961 million rubles is not profit of the shop but its turnover. According to Logvinau, the bookstore works almost at zero profit. However, the court did not take these arguments into account.

On Tuesday, Logvinau asked for public assistance in the payment of the fine - 961 million rubles. Information about how this can be done, will soon be here.