Updated at 11:59,21-05-2018

European Council President: We are ready for unusual steps toward Belarus


But first, there have to be positive signals from Belarus itself.

On the eve of the Riga Summit of the Eastern Partnership, the European Council President Donald Tusk met with reporters. Among other things, he spoke about the relations between Belarus and the European Union. According to tut.by, Mr Tusk praised the neutral position of Belarus in the Ukrainian situation. "Belarus today is a responsible and predictable partner in regard to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine," said the president of the European Council. He noted the useful efforts of Belarus in this sphere.

However, Mr Tusk said that the EU cannot change its position on the political freedoms in Belarus: "We are talking about human rights, political prisoners. This is a basic value for Europe. And we will never make these principles a subject for discussion." Mr Tusk believes that the changes in the relations between Belarus and the EU depend on the actions of Belarus. "I can only declare that when the first signs of goodwill in Minsk appear, if positive signals continue, I am ready to make a number of unusual steps," added the politician. But he did not want to specify what particular steps he means.