Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Ex-presidential candidate Ales Mihalevich to return to Belarus, is detained in Hudahai


He has reported it on social networks.

Ex-presidential candidate Ales Mihalevich has been detained on his return to Belarus. The politician has managed to report it to Euroradio.

The ex-presidential candidate of 2010 was detained in Hudahai. The politician was returning home from Vilnius. He left Belarus four years ago.

The political emigrant reported his return to Belarus on September 8. He explained his decision by the fact that the Belarusian authorities had released all political prisoners. His ‘mass riots-2010’ case dating back to December 19, 2010 has not been closed so far, Mihalevich noted.

"I said many times that I would come back when the main political prisoners (Bialiatski and Statkevich) were released. They are free now. I am going to cross the Belarusian border. I know that I will be arrested because I am the last person accused of ‘the 2010 mass riots case’ that the Investigation Committee won’t close,” the political refugee wrote on Facebook.

Mihalevich was arrested together with the other presidential candidates on December 19, 2010. He was released from KGB prison in the spring of 2011 and reported that he had been recruited to work for the special services. Then Mihalevich fled from Belarus and received political asylum in the Czech Republic.