Updated at 16:23,20-06-2018

Investigative Committee looking into incident with disabled man


The Investigative Committee is looking into the incident in the underpass of the Minsk metro station Uruchcha.

As was reported by Euroradio, on September 18, police detained there a "blind, disabled man" who was begging. They ill-treated the man which angered residents of Minsk.

The website of the Investigative Committee reported that the police received complaints about "man with unkempt appearance". A policeman from the metro security unit suggested that the man went to the police station for additional information, but the man refused.

"Expressing aggression, he began to swear at the police officer, insulting and threatening him. When he was taken to the police office for investigation, the citizen actively resisted the officers, biting there hands, hit one of them in the face, trying to kick him and damaged the uniform. To attract attention, he showed false helplessness and inability to move independently," the press service of the Investigative Committee said. Due to this, the Pershamaisky rayon department of the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against him for resisting arrest.

The Investigative Committee claimed that the 41-year-old citizen of Minsk had been repeatedly tried, including property crimes, as well as malicious crimes and hooliganism. He has no registration, living with relatives, for several years he had been engaged in begging.

It is determined whether the man has physical disabilities. The man said that he has mental health problems, and had been therefore repeatedly treated in specialized institutions. The investigation is verifying this information, the court ordered a psychiatric examination.

Within the framework of a criminal investigation will be clarified the causes and conditions that contributed to the conflict in the metro.