Updated at 23:08,31-05-2020

Belarus to gain from Russia’s suspending flights to Egypt

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Belarusian travel agencies have set hand to organizing trips from Minsk to Egypt for Russians. But such tour costs about two times as much as a tour from Russia.

But in spite of a substantial difference in price, the current situation might become very beneficial for the Belarusian travel services market, Russian experts believe. The truth is that it has still not adapted to servicing Russian clients. Before Russia suspended flights to Egypt, Belarusians preferred to fly there from Moscow and the country’s travel agencies worked closely with their Russian colleagues.

Given the present-day conditions, the potential growth of the Belarusian tourist market may reach 30 %, the Russian newspaper Kommarsant estimates. In theory, 218,000 Russians may depart for Egypt from Minsk. In this case, they will pay 17.4 – 19.6 bn Russian rubles to Belarusian travel agencies, Kommersant says.