Updated at 16:21,01-10-2020

Demand for doctors in Belarus cities exceeding supply 76 times


The labor market in Belarus, is in short supply of physicians and an excessive number of economists, BelTA learned in the department of employment policy of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

As of 1 December 2015, in the cities there were 18 unemployed doctors, while employers searched for 76 times more - 1,366 people. The 9 unemployed paramedics also had a very wide range of jobs to choose from in the city - 252 job offers. Five unemployed medical laboratory assistants could choose from 278 jobs, 1 pharmacist could choose from 103 vacancies, 1 X-ray laboratory assistant had 94, three unemployed pharmacists - 96 available jobs.

Not a single unemployed candidate was found for the 73 vacancies for midwives in the job office. The demand for nurses in the cities is 40 times higher than the number of the unemployed - 1,812 jobs for the 45 candidates.

However, doctors are in demand not only in the cities but in the countryside as well. The countryside lacks 99 doctors and 134 nurses, while there are only three nurses and one doctor or specialist registered as unemployed.

The supply of economists, however, is five times higher than the demand: there are are 402 unemployed people registered at employment exchange centers in the cities and only 72 potential jobs. More than 550 chartered accountants are seeking jobs with 270 vacancies of accountants and chief accountants available, there are 234 unemployed lawyers with 59 relevant vacancies.

An analysis of the balance of positions is held in Belarus twice a year - on June 1 and December 1.