Updated at 01:26,01-10-2020

Lukashenka publicly ordered to imprison those guilty of the increase in utility tariffs


Another scenario of the ‘good Tsar’, undermined by his courtiers is being staged in Belarus.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka ordered to “handcuff” those, who didn’t count the utility tariffs.

“Well, put the handcuffs on those who failed to comply with the tariffs I sent out. Put the handcuffs and publicly jail a dozen or two of people. Everything will fall into place, - demanded the head of state after hearing out a report on the tax and excise policy in 2016. – You should have a list of people who were responsible for this. This is a serious issue. We are making calculations and plans, and they are doing everything differently.”

Lukashenka instructed the chairman of the State Control Committee, the head of the Belarus President Administration, and the prime minister to submit utilities tariffs calculations by 1 March. “You should calculate the cost of garbage removal, lighting, the use of elevators, cleaning, heat energy, cold and hot running water, gas, electricity and submit the results to me,” the head of state said.

He stressed that the government officials who will fail to fulfill these instructions will bear personal responsibility for it, BelTA informs.