Updated at 17:39,28-11-2020

Information Ministry issues warnings to Ezhednevnik and Nasha Niva


On March 2, the Ministry of Information issued a warning to two media outlets for their materails published online. They were the Ej.by and Nasha Niva (nn.by).

The 'Ezhednevnik' was warned for publishing the article "Belarusian Army Comprehensively Tested." The article featured a photo of German machines used in the World War II. "This joint use of text and picture discredits the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus," say the officials of the Ministry of Information.

Among the materials published by Nasha Niva, their attentaion was attracted by the article "Red level demographic alert in Belarus: each year, the "regional center" is dying. According to the Information Ministry, the information about the disastrous demographic situation in our country does not correspond to reality. In support of their position, the officials refer to the National Statistical Committee. "Such misleading information in the article by nn.by discredits the effectiveness of the state demographic policy," noted the ministry.