Updated at 20:11,29-10-2020

Naked Belarusian to sing at Eurovision with Shakira

Victor Drobysh is in talks with the organizers of Eurovision for permission to use animals during the performance.

The National Music Corporation “Drobysh” has disclosed to website Super some details about the planned performance of Alyaksandr Ivanou at the Eurovision contest. The singer will perform with no clothes on and with several wolves. Now it’s up to the current organizers in Sweden to issue a permission.

“We have started negotiations with the organizers. Yes, Sasha will be on stage naked, and there will be wolves. In fact, every person identifies him or herself with some kind of a totem animal. Sometimes we suppress it, but not everyone can meet animals in person. We want everyone to feel this delicate balance between man and nature,”said Victor Drobysh.

Alyaksandr Ivanou will perform in Sweden a song by Drobysh called ‘Help you fly’.

The animals from Ivanou’s photo shoot live in Stupino near Moscow. They are female wolf Shakira and Czechoslovakian wolfdog Sarkus.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” writes that to make friends with partners at the photoshoot, IVAN fed them a kilogram of sausages.

Naked Belarusian to sing at Eurovision with Shakira

Before the competition, Ivanou’s schedule is very tight: he attends classes in vocal and English, and will soon begin to take acting classes.

Eurovision will be held on May 10-14 in Stockholm.