Updated at 14:38,23-10-2020

KGB: Belarusians have no connection to terror acts in Belgium


The Belarusian State Security Committee refutes the version of the two Belarusians’ connection with the terrorist acts in Brussels. One of the brothers Doubash was in Homel at the moment of the attacks, KGB spokesperson Dzmitry Pabyarezhyn announced in the programme Panorama on Belarus 1 on March 22. Alyaksei Doubash warned the Belgian police about his trip in advance and asked his brother Ivan to give explanations to anti-terrorist forces after the blasts in Brussels.

KGB has been keeping an eye Ivan and Alyaksei Doubash since 2014, Pabyarezhyn said. The Russian FSB has been helping Belarus do it since 2015.

The social services of both states have not found any permanent connection between the two Belarusian brothers and Russian Marat Yunusov, an assumed participant of the terrorist acts in Brussels. KGB knows about five Yunusov’s visits to Belarus. He visited Belarus in 2011 and has had no connection with the Doubashs since then.

The Belarusians have also refuted their connection with the blasts. The accusations started on March 14, Ivan Doubash (his current name is Suleiman) told Euroradio. The brothers even went to the Belgian police and were told that everything was okay, he claimed.