Updated at 17:19,07-01-2021

Polish frontier guards do not let Night Wolves enter EU

Mikhas Ilyn, Euroradio

Polish frontier guards have not allowed Russian bikers from the club Night Wolves enter the EU territory. The bikers tried entering Poland on May 1 but the state announced in advance that no participants of the motorbike race “Victory Roads – To Berlin” would be allowed to enter its territory.

A group of people driving 5 motorbikes and a car tried rushing across the Belarusian-Polish border. It consisted of 5 Slovaks, 2 Germans and a Russian. The leader of Night Wolves Alexander ‘Khirurg’ Zaldostanov accompanied them to the border but did not try crossing it.

Belarusian frontier guards let the bikers pass but Polish frontier guards refused to let them enter the territory of the European Union. They refused to explain the reason for the refusal, Marina, Russian participant of the race, said.

Marina: "They did not explain anything. The written explanations were in Polish. We asked for an interpreter but they did not call for anyone. They also refused to explain it in any other language. They asked us to sign those documents but we refused because we could not understand Polish.”

The Night Wolves tried entering the EU from Brest last year however Polish frontier guards made them turn back in Terespol.

A few Night Wolves tried entering the EU at the Lithuanian border but they were not allowed to do it either.