Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Pro-Lukashenka analysts: Kremlin will use Belarus for hybrid threats


Russia wants to turn Belarus into a “gray area” which will be a source of security and stability threats in the Western countries and Ukraine, which may result in a loss of sovereignty for Belarus.

This is stated in the report of the Center for Strategic and Political Studies “Belarus in the Context of NATO-Russia Confrontation: Threats and Challenges to the Sovereignty, Independence and National Security. Strategic conclusions and recommendations.” The report was written by the leaders of the organization Arsen Sivitsky and Yury Tsaryk that are considered loyal to the authorities by analysts.

In their report analysts noted the unprecedented pressure on Belarus coming from Russia, which is due to Kremlin’s desire to involve Belarus in the confrontation with the West. The strategic goal of this policy is the weakening and disintegration of the EU and NATO.

“Russia’s actions in respect to the Republic of Belarus will be comprehensive and include the whole range of measures: from direct military intervention and diplomatic pressure to bribing of officials and initiation of riots. These actions may result in a sharp change in the status of the territory of Belarus and its transformation into a conflict zone, the source of the risks and threats for the next states. Belarus is supposed to lose its sovereignty and turn into a “gray zone” — the territory in which and through which the Russian Federation will project power and control dynamics of the conflict in the region,” said experts.

Pro-Lukashenka analysts: Kremlin will use Belarus for hybrid threats

Photo: russia-insider.com