Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Polonez multiple-launch rocket systems in Belarus army’s arsenal from now on

belsat.eu, following BelTA

The multiple-launch rocket system (MRLS) Polonez is now part of the arsenal of the 336th missile artillery brigade of the Belarusian army.

“The Polonez system is meant to augment the missile battalion of the brigade. The Polonez system will greatly improve the combat ability of missile and artillery units as well as the defensive capability of Belarus as a whole,” Major-General Aleh Belakoneu, Chief of the General Staff of the Belarusian army and First Deputy Defense Minister, told news agency BelTA.

The main tactical and technical parameters of the Polonez system are on par with the best foreign competitors, he said. “Many technical solutions implemented by Belarusian designers are unparalleled in the world. The adoption of new armaments is part of the strategic deterrence measures. Multiple-launch rocket systems represent the most powerful means to provide fire support to ground troops,” the deputy defense minister stressed.

MRLS Polonez is designed to deliver strikes against enemy personnel in the open and in shelters as well as unarmored and armored fighting vehicles and special vehicles, artillery units, missile systems and air defense missile systems, aircraft at airfields. MRLS Polonez can deliver strikes as far as 50-200km with a high degree of precision.

Will Belarus make profit on Polonez?

Belarus does not conceal that Polonez launchers might be put on sale soon.

„Belarus offers innovative high-tech weapons, e.g. electronic warfare, radar, communications tools, reconnaissance drones. According to the defense minister, Belarus is going to sell Polonez rocket launchers, because we do not need many, but they are in great demand on the world market, in particular among countries that do not want to become dependent on Russia and the United States. We are even competing with Russia in this field, and Russia has expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Belarus is standing in its way. But considering the scale of Russia’s power and impact, the Belarusians have to take account of its interests on the world arms market,” military expert Alyaksandr Alesin said in an interview with Belsat.

At that, in July the United States renewed sanctions against Belvneshpromservice, one of three Belarusian arms exporters, for violating the American law on non-proliferation of technologies for the production of weapons of mass destruction. According to the US government, the company is suspected of supplying Iran, North Korea and Syria with banned technologies that can be used to produce weapons of mass destruction and missile technology.