Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

There Should Be Only One Presidential Candidate from Democratic Forces


The Presidium of the Political Council of the UDF calls upon all oppositional organisations for participation in framing a procedure of election of a single presidential candidate. This decision was taken 11 June at a session in Minsk.

The UDF leaders consider that the working group to develop the draft should be as wide and open as possible. For this purpose, it has been decided to send official letters to all structured democratic organisations regardless of whether they have an official status.

The UDF will await answers to their proposal till 1 July, the official results being announced at a special press conference.

It should be reminded that as early as 27 May the Presidium of the UDF Political Council circulated a statement about the necessity to elect one presidential candidate from all the democratic forces. The UDF leaders have also addressed independent mass media asking them to launch a wide public discussion on this question.

At the session on 11 June the Presidium of the UDF Political Council commissioned the leader of the United Civic Party Anatol Labiedzka to present the position of democratic forces regarding renewal of the Special Guest Status for the National Assembly of Belarus in the PACE.

"As of today, it is obvious that the authorities are not going to implement any democratic reforms and on gaining the Special Guest Status will do nothing for the integration into Europe. Meanwhile we believe that to give the Special Guest Status to the National Assembly without them fulfilling the basic requirements is unreasonable," said Anatol Labiedzka to the informational centre of the UDF commenting upon the position which he will present in Strasbourg.

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