Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

KGB Arrests High-ranking State Control Committee Officials


The State Security Committee (KGB) has arrested Dmitry Adamovich, chief investigator at the State Control Committee. Almost simultaneously, State Conrtol Committee chairman's aide Victor Pisarik was sacked, reports Ezhednevnik.

In July 2010, Belarus' Security Council launched an inspection of the State Control Committee and detected patterns that were used by businessmen to avoid prosecution. Arrested Adamovich is described by investigators as a focal figure in those illegal schemes.

After the results of the inspection were reported to the head of the state, KGB began detecting corrupted officials at State Control Committee. The major blow was directed at Victor Morozov, deputy director of Financial Investigations Department and Dmitri Adamovich, a senior investigator at the the same department.

Ezhednevnik notes that Pisarik is described by insiders as the real head of the State Control Committee, while formally he is just an aide to State Control Committee chairman.