Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Russian Expert: I do Not Except that the Part of Lukashenko Surrounding Want to Defeat the Elections

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Neither Russia, nor Belarus benefit from the attack on the Russian embassy in Minsk, as to general director of the National Strategy Council of Russia Valeriy Khomiakov. This incident he considers as attempt of destabilisation of the situation in Belarus before elections.

As V. Khomiakov says, Russia "do not need it (to throw the so called "Molotov's cocktails" combustible mixture in the embassy — udf.by), we do not have any serious reasons for conducting such action".

— Belarus also will not gain from it, because the relations towards Russia from Belarusians are very very positive. What could Lukashenko organise such provocation for? — expert asked the web site LentaCom.ru.

General Director of the National Strategy Council of Russia do not except, that the straggle of power forces has started in Belarus before elections. He reported that similar situation was 1996 in Russia during the elections, when "the certain part of Elzin's surroundings was adjusted to its cancellation even through the announcement the national state of emergency".

— I do not except that something similar is now going in Belarus. I think, among the forces there are those who is going to conduct elections, but there are such, who do not want the elections. The fact of the matter is that Lukashenko has difficult situation, and it is connected not only with the results of elections (I consider he will win because of the lack of real competition), but more with the explanation of such result, — reported Valeriy Khomiakov. He also presumed that Russia will not accept the results of coming elections in Belarus.

— Before our observers participated in the commission from GIS, but now they will represent OCSE, and supposed to control purity and fairness of the elections very thoroughly and without prejudgment. To summarize neither Eastern, nor Russia will not accept the elections results. This will cause big apprehensions in the legitimacy of Lukashenko. This fact, in my opinion, is the main risk what the certain part of forces are worried about, — underlined V. Khomiakov.

He also presumed that the last events in Belarus including the attack on the Russian embassy and strange suicide of journalist Oleg Byabenin — these are attempts of interior destabilisation of the situation in the country. New incidents could proof the fact that the part of Lukashenko's surrounding is going to avoid elections, announce the state of emergency and under such dressing change the political situation for own benefits, expert thinks.

— Neither Russia, nor Belarus or opposition simple do not need the destabilisation. These incidents could organise or the last stiffs or this is the strategy of some force structures, eg. "birds hawks", which do not want such end of the elections, when Lukashenko will become not legitimate president, — said Valeriy Khomiakov.