Updated at 11:58,06-08-2020

RTR Continues Information Attack Against Lukashenka


A Russian official state channel, the RTR, showed a 10-minute report dedicated to the topic of "a death squadron" and missing Belarusian politicians in its programme "Vesti" yesterday evening.

The reason for the film was Aleh Byabenin’s death. The RTR’s film says that the journalist was involved in the investigation of the activities of "a death squadron" that liquidated politicians disagreeable to Lukashenka in Belarus: Henadz Karpenka, Yury Zaharanka, Zmitser Zavadski and Victar Hanchar, informs "Daily".

According to the film, Aleh Byabenin posed a threat to the current regime and for Alyaksandr Lukashenka in particular. Moreover, the RTR even claimed that Aleh Byabenin could affect the future presidential elections and was twice as dangerous for the current authorities.