Updated at 16:29,01-07-2020

Andrei Sannikov and Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu: Together we will win!


Presidential aspirants in Belarus, Andrei Sannikov and Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu, have agreed upon coordinating their activities in order to win the election.

They have made such a statement at a joint press-conference in Minsk on November 12.

Andrei Sannikov stated that together with Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu they intend to coordinate their activities during the election campaign in several directions. First of all, it is struggle against rigging election results, "which includes also counteraction to illegal actions of the authorities, and defending the choice of the people". The candidates plan to hold a joint agitation and informational campaign and coordinate actions in the international arena.

"To some extent we fulfill electors’ mandates. During the pickets for collection of signatures people were coming up to us and asked to unite, our activities. They said: you are the two leaders, please do something for the people to believe that consolidation is possible, that the victory and defence of the choice of the nation are possible. The period when many oppositional candidates appeared, was a productive one. We have been able to reach the people, we have been able to offer hope. And believe me, the further consolidation would happen, and we will act together guarantees victory to us," Andrei Sannikov said.

Different polls show that today there are two strong oppositional contenders, Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu said. "There are two strong leaders – Nyaklyaeu and Sannikov. The strongest have managed to agree, and we still cannot agree with weaker ones," he added.

Then Sannikov noted with a smile: "Actually, I would like to reveal a secret to you. This "conspiracy" started long ago. I can even demonstrate a document to you…" And the politician produced a photograph taken in Warsaw in 1999. In the picture he was standing beside Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu. "So everything is running to the plan," the leader of "European Belarus" made a joke.

However, the two presidential aspirants stated that they do not consider the issue of withdrawing their candidatures from the list of nominees in support for the other one. "We are not considering the possibility of withdrawing, but we intend to carry out strong campaigns, mobilizing all our resources," Sannikov stated.

"Even today this election could be called not free and not fair. We do not have access to state-run mass media, we are not given responses to our demands concerning vote counting. It means that no election is planned. But we are in favour of people coming and casting their votes. And on December 19, 2010 we should celebrate the victory over this regime, which had been staying in our land for too long," Nyaklyaeu said.

"We must defend the choice of the people. The people’s choice is not in favour of Lukashenka. It is clear for anyone now, even for Lukashenka. That is why he has such nervousness recently," Andrei Sannikov is convinced.

Answering the question of journalists, who said that Sannikov and Nyaklyaeu, who are called "pro-Russian candidates", whether they are afraid that they would be charged with creation of a whole "pro-Russian bloc", the leader of "European Belarus" stated:

"I am not afraid, as there is a real situation, which should be taken in consideration. While some people in Europe voice support to Lukashenka, and voices in support of the opposition are heard from Russia, tat should be taken into consideration and welcomed. And we a speaking only about Belarus," Sannikov said.

"As a matter of fact, there are enough forces both in Russia and in Europe that are ready to support us. This fact results from all my talks with these both sides. The game started by Lukashenka on the counterbalance of West - East, Russia - Europe, is losing," Nyaklyaeu is sure.

"Throughout its history, the Belarusian nation had taken the future of the country in its own hands, and despite of the most negative internal and external factors, decided its fate. As for the statements heard from Europe today, I immediately recall the famous speech of Bush Sr. in Kyiv, which was called "Chicken Kiev", when he urged to give up on nationalism and stay a part of the Soviet Union. In a few weeks the Soviet Union collapsed. All these predictions are following in the similar vein. It is evident that Belarusians are really awakening now, people are thinking about their country and freedom," the leader of "European Belarus" said.