Updated at 16:29,01-07-2020

First letters from KGB prison received


Volha Nyaklyaeva, the wife of the political prisoner, ex-presidential candidate and poet Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu received the first letter from her husband on January 17, informs Radio Liberty.

The letter is dated January 12. The letters which Mr. Nyaklyaeu wrote before never reached tehir addressee. His lawyer Tamara Sidarenka, who met with her client on December 29, claims he had written and sent 7 letters to his wife before the New Year.

"I am ok..." What else could he write? He never complains about anything. Apart from the private things which he wrote to me, there are a few words about the parcels. He asks for the electric water heater and the manicure scissors which I passed him long ago, two weeks ago. It turns out he did not receive them. He asks for bacon and dried fruit - and it has been forbidden to pass these products to the KGB prison since December 31... It turns out they did not inform the prisoners that these products are forbidden... And they keep asking... They might think we grudge...", - Volha Nyaklyaeva told.

"I also got worried by the phrase "They promised they would take a parcel from you also". What does it mean - they promised? I bring parcels regularly. This made me think they did not receive everything that we passed," - informed Volha.

Let us remind you, Nyaklyaeu's lawyers were denied access to their client once again. Tamara Sidarenka saw him during the interrogation on December 29 for the last time.

The first letter from the leader of the United Civic Party Anatol Liabedzka has arrived from the KGB detention center, reports the web-site ucpb.org.

The letter has been received by his relatives. The date of sending indicated on the envelope is January 16.

"Everything's ok. I am alive and feel well! — Liabedzka writes. — I hope that you are ok, too. Naturally, I would like it better to hear this directly from you. I don't have much news. All the days are like photocopies of one another. Plus, minus..."

According to the politician's son Artsiom Liabedzka, the family feels optimistic about this letter. "The lawyer hasn't seen him since last year. However, now we know exactly that he has stopped his hunger-strike and there are no serious health problems. He asked to pass him a pen and a notebook. That means, he is not broken, he is in the mood for fighting. He wrote he would wait for news from home", — Liabedzka's son said.

Anatol Liabedzka and 30 more citizens are accused of organization and participation in the mass disturbances in Minsk on December 19. They face up to 15 years of imprisonment.

The lawyers have not been provided an opportunity to meet with their clients since the beginning of 2011. However, the letters from the detained started arriving during the last few days.