Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Ales Mihalevich goes abroad without family


He wrote in his blog that he was "out of the Belarusian KGB’s reach, in a safe place" last night.

Politician Ales Mihalevich has probably gone abroad. Let us remind you that the former presidential candidate spent two months in KGB prison and in Valadarski Street detention centre and was released on recognizance on February 19. A bit later Mihalevich claimed at a press conference in Minsk that he had been tortured in prison. He had to agree to cooperate with KGB to get released and to announce it, claimed the politician.

Ales Mihlaveich writes in his blog: "I have been invited to KGB for an investigation procedure. I have a good reason to think that I will not be able to leave KGB after that. That is why I will not go to KGB. I am in a safe place out of KGB’s reach now. I am going to continue struggling to stop the tortures and to release all the people illegally detained for political reasons".

According to the website of the movement "For Freedom", Ales Mihalevich left Belarus at night and the security agencies did not manage to keep track of him. The trip "to the safe place" took almost a day. "His family (wife and two daughters) have stayed in Belarus", - informs pyx.by.