Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

UDF set to promote its Anti-crisis Platform despite bans on pickets


Activists of the United Pro-democratic Forces will distribute copies of the coalition's Anti-crisis Platform on Minsk streets on Wednesday despite being banned from putting up pickets, Anatol Lyabedzka, chairman of the United Civic Party, told BelaPAN on Tuesday.

The city government has denied permission for dozens of pickets that were to be put up in Minsk on September 30 to familiarize the public with the platform, that is why the party will resort to "flying pickets," Mr. Lyabedzka said.

"Our activists will walk around the city without staying at the same place for a long time," Mr. Lyabedzka explained. "We hope that this response to the bans will prove efficient and prevent arrests."

Earlier this month, the opposition coalition announced plans to set up more than 400 pickets across the country on September 30 to inform the public about its anti-crisis proposals.

Applications were filed in 50 cities, including all the regional capitals, Barysaw, Salihorsk, Lyozna, Polatsk, Orsha, Baranavichy and Lida. Some 50 pickets were to be put up in Minsk.

"The United Civic Party hasn't received a single positive reply to its applications," Mr. Lyabedzka said. "As far as I know, Mahilyow is the only city where an application has been granted. That is why the party plans to organize flying pickets."

The opposition coalition's Anti-crisis Platform consists of three sections. The first section assesses the current economic situation in the country. The second one proposes high-priority measures to be carried out within three months and the final section deals with the guidelines of a new economic policy for a period of between three and five years. The platform prioritizes the balanced development of the economy and calls on the government to speed up the introduction of information technologies in the economic management system.