Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

US Requires Belarusian Authorities to Release People Detained During the Protests

NTV, translation by news portal www.UDF.BY

US Department of State requires the Belarusian authorities to release arrested protesters and journalists. This was stated yesterday by Department of State.

"The United States is concerned over the more and more oppressive tactics, which Belarusian authorities use against demonstrators and journalists during the peaceful protests’ actions. We demand the Belarusian Government to release detainees and to respect the rights of Belarusian people, including that of freedom of assembly," – said the official of US Department of State Victoria Nuland.

Nuland also repeated the call for the immediate release of all political prisoners in Belarus without any preconditions.

Earlier, the US House of Representatives approved the bill, which would impose sanctions against Minsk for the violation of human rights. The document, entitled the Belarus Democracy and Human Rights Act of 2011 was approved by the voice voting late Wednesday and sent to Senate.

The Act allows the bringing of punitive measures, including these against law machinery and Special Forces of Belarus, involved according to US opinion in the suppression of a dissent, protests and the persecution of religious leaders, human rights advocates, representatives of the opposition, independent mass-media employees.