Updated at 17:39,28-11-2020

People Detained during the Actions in Grodno Stand in a Queue to the Pre-trail Prison

Belsat, translation by news portal www.UDF.BY

In Grodno there is no place in the pre-trail prison for those convicted in the "tacit revolution". This was reported on July 6 by Alexey L., one of the arresters.

"I was detained, when I began to protect a girl. A man in civilian clothes pulled her hair. Immediately they wrung my hands and dragged me to the bus, - says the guy. – The trial was held on Thursday. The Judge didn’t want to hear any arguments of mine. The policemen, whom I saw for the first time, testified that I swore obscenities. For these I have given 7 days of the arrest".

However, it turned out that those arrested are so a lot, that there is not enough place for them in prison. "They said, I must wait until Wednesday, when part of the detainees had already served. And then I have to serve my own days", - said the source. The latest action in the city center of Grodno gathered about one thousand people. According to the Human Rights Center Viasna, the police detained more than 100 participants.

"Against people the strict physical force was applied, dozens were injured and had to ask for a medical aid. Until late night in the police stations they were conducting investigations and drawing up reports, under which the participants were convicted for the participation in the unauthorized action, disorderly conduct", - noted in the press release of the organization.

Among arrested people there was the famous professor of Grodno State Medical University, Alexandr Ostrovsky. The situation of detentions he describes as "Terrible, passers-by grabbed by men in civilian clothes, they don’t introduce themselves, without any charge they hurl into the buses. Clear, it is the fear, which sits there at the very top for its shameful criminal authority. And exactly this fear they want to throw on all the country’s inhabitants, on the whole society, in order to paralyze it".

According to recent protests in the country they did not learn even a single acquittal. Most of the participants were sentenced to 5-10 days of arrests or fines of 17 basic units (about 600 thousand rubles) and more.