Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Authorities Jeer at Neklyaev


The former candidate for presidency Vladimir Neklyaev after being beaten 7 month ago, was called in order to expertise his beatings.

The prosecutor of Supervision Department over the investigation of criminal cases of Public Prosecutor Office, the first rank lawyer M. Ermakov sent the next letter to V. Neklyaev.

A few days earlier the prosecutor informed the politician that the period of inspecting the fact of causing him bodily injury during the attacks on the column "Tell the Truth" on Kollektornaya Street has been extended till 4 August, 2011. They promised to notify Neklyaev about the result of inspecting the "fact" of beating, separately.
As the prosecutor reports in the next message "in the course of checking the fact of inflicting bodily injury to you, the forensic examination has been assigned".

"According to the letter of State Forensic Medical Expert, in order to hold the examination and to answer to the questions raised, your presence to proceed the inspection is needed", - writes M. Ermakov.

They offered Neklyaev to come to the Department of General Examinations of the 2nd Office in Minsk. It is not clear what kind of injuries experts are going to find after 7 months, however, politician intends to go to the specialists and to clarify the situation on-site.