Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Belarus Ruins Oneself by Drinking at Horrifying Pace

Nasha niva, translation by news portal www.UDF.BY

At the end of the Soviet Union a bottle of vodka cost just as much as 4 kg of good meat. Now, for 1kg of pork you can buy 2 bottles, and the money will be over.

From the beginning of the year, the prices of most goods and products - from diesel fuel to seed oil - rose by about half. Just only vodka’s prices rose by the modest 25%. For people who are prone to drink alcohol it is psychologically difficult to hold themselves in such circumstances.

Builders and farmers ruin themselves by drinking. It becomes the national tragedy and national despair. Foreigners are horrified when they find themselves in the Belarusian province.

National Statistical Committee of Belarus have collected data, which is called shocking by doctors: in the first six months of this year 10.5% more vodka have been sold than in the first half of the previous year.

Alcohol in Belarus is especially strong and by several times cheaper than in EU countries, where by means of high prices on alcoholic drinks and cigarettes they discourage people to live unhealthy lifestyles.