Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Expert: Lukashenko is associated with the dictators of banana republics

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Certainly, Alexander Grigorievich has a serious problem in terms of public image: he has fully entered the cohort of the rulers-dictators, the well-known Belarusian political analyst Yuri Chausov thinks. According to experts, the Belarusian leader's position in the list of tyrants is not close to the chiefs and fuhrers, embodying the totalitarian unity of the nation on the basis of some ideology or a special vision of the future.

At the request of the site online comrade.biz Yury Chausov commented the last public-opinion poll data of the Levada-Center, under which only 5% of Russians consider Alexander Lukashenko as "the only true friend of Russia", while the quarter (24%) of respondents found it difficult to express their views about the Belarusian president, and 40 percent of Russian citizens do not mind if the President of Belarus resigns. While 26 percent are strongly against this act.

- Alexander Grigorievich is now associated more with the dictators of banana republics, with the caricatural presidents of the Latin American sample. And although the Belarusian leader diligently maintains its image as a full bloody dictator, resisting alone against the hostile environments - it comes out unconvincing, especially in comparison with the revolutionary leaders such as Gaddafi. And the comic-opera uniform of the commander at the military parade on Independence Day, and the younger son constantly getting in the frame, and humiliating kowtowing to the Russian authorities, coupled with curses against Russia on the domestic scene - all these eventually leads to the fact that "father"- the dictator has been perceived already as the youthen "daddy", - says the expert.

In his opinion, just that very "pejorative positioning of Lukashenko not as "bloody, but just dictator", but as "bloody and unjust state farm director", has become the subject of the Russian propaganda." "It's safe to say that the sanction to the negative review of the Belarusian president activities, which was given before the previous presidential election, is still in effect. And this is inevitably reflected in the popularity of the character in Russian public consciousness. Alexandr Grigorievich seriously and permanently has already taken the place in Russia near Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili - he is useful as a scarecrow for the local liberals, as a target for caricatures. In addition, such positioning of the Belarusian president is a preventive measure against the usage of the Belarusian playing card in Russian presidential race: now only the political suicide is to praise the dignity of the clownish regime"- convinced Yuri Chausov.

Political analyst suggests that in the future similar decrease in the popularity of the Belarusian regime's first person will allow Kremlin people to feel more easily while implementing the tough policy with regard to Belarus: "For example, turning off the gas, the imposition of sanctions and other tough measures in the framework of the arm-twisting on the "enemy of Russia" will be knowingly interpreted by the Russian electorate. The controlled media in Russia is clearly built in the minds of Russians the concept of "the Belarusian nation" and "the Belarusian president".

"Alexander Grigorievich has constructed the system of government, when it's negative image in the eyes of the Belarusian population has no effect on the stability of power. But the drop of his rating in Russia should disturb him, because the image losses in this sector threaten with the hardships of political and economical character", - concluded the expert.