Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Lukashenko releases the rate


Belarus releases the national currency rate in mid-September. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko at August 30 meeting on socio-economic development of Belarus.

The market exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble will be determined at an extra session of the currency exchange in mid-September.

"The Belarusian ruble exchange rate will be determined by supply of and demand for, like any other commodity. We are not planning to support the rate artificially", quotes Lukashenko Interfax-Zapad.

"I agreed to the proposal of the National Bank to open from mid-September an extra trading session at the currency exchange, where one can freely buy and sell the US dollars, Euros and Russian rubles as well as other currencies", said Lukashenko. However, he instructed the government and the National Bank "to take the work of exchange under tight control ".

The president stressed, that "all currency exchange offices run by banks must sell foreign currency to the population using the market exchange rate". According to Lukashenko, "all who wants to buy a currency - the thing the population are moaning of, and especially in Minsk the hero-city - will be provided with such an opportunity".

However, the president noted that the State Control Committee and law enforcement agencies must put a hard barrier to the speculators, who are stressing the situation artificially now. "This also applies to the media. The presidential administration answers for it", he stressed.

Lukashenko demanded the National Bank to monitor the situation every day and intervene when it's necessary, beating off the speculative attacks. "We have the means to do it", assured the head of state.

BelTA news agency also reports that the president signed a decree, which abolishes the exporter's benefits to compulsory sale the part of foreign exchange earnings.

In addition Lukashenko has promised to provide an opportunity for the population to convert the ruble deposits into foreign currency.

The president also said that not later than in October 2011 they will introduce an electronic accounting system of currency purchase using the passport, personally for each customer.