Updated at 18:32,10-08-2020

September 1: instead of Knowledge Day - the Day of Rising Prices


Today's date - September 1, 2011 will go down in history of Belarus not just as the common Knowledge Day, with the well known joyful excitement, but as the day of Belarusians' life raised in price. Exactly in the first Autumn day the authorities planned to increase prices and tariffs on a range of products and services.

Thus, as UDF.BY reported previously, today the retail prices of LPG, sold in gas filling stations, to increase by 9.8%. According to the Ministry of Economy decree, bottom price increases from Br2370 per liter to Br2600, top price - from Br2550 to Br2800. In August the LPG price in Belarus, sold in a gas station, raised to 24% on the average.

Price changes for some housing and communal services also, certainly, towards increasing side. The Council of Ministers "took care" of it. The tariff on maintenance of apartment houses as compared to previous rate of 10% has increased to Br340 per month for 1 sq.m total area of premises.

The tariff on cold-water supply increased by 25.1% to Br585 per 1 cubic meter. In addition, the tariff on a sewer increased by 26% - up to Br305 per 1 cubic meter, and also on elevator usage by 19.6% - up to Br1700 from one resident per month. Earlier, on August 1, tariffs for the population were increased by 10% on heating and natural gas.

The president Alexander Lukashenko didn't bypass his people as well. By the decree, he set the new excise tax rates on alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, which are taking affect from September 1 to December 31, 2011.

Before the Knowledge Day, on August 31, selling prices for beef and pork were increased by 10%.

Here it is, September 1, 2011.