Updated at 17:46,10-07-2018

TV-First explained: Round table is not for the opposition

These statements were made in the analytical program 'In the spotlight' of 'TV-First' Belarusian state channel.

Narrator quoted Lukashenko about the round table and stressed: "The president's invitation is addressed to all sensible people who love their country". Further he developed the idea: "The functionaries of so-called Belarusian opposition accepted this message, for some reason, as it was addressed to them".

But also, he added: "In our country there are more than 2000 non-governmental organizations and 15 parties, some of them number hundreds of thousand people. But all the opposition can be placed into a single basket. Whom it will represent at the negotiation table, and what to talk about?"

The program expert was Vadim Gigin, the editor of Belaruskaya Dumka magazine. On Gigin's opinion, Lukashenko "didn't offer the dialogue to the opposition".

The invitation to negotiations, he said, doesn't apply to "those forces which in fact are the fifth column" and "practically act as the agents of foreign powers and centers inside Belarus".

According to Nasha Niva, for propaganda reasons the apologists of Lukashenko are calling by "the fifth column" all those who challenge the monopoly of Lukashenko's power.

At the program, they called the opposition leaders as "impostors" and traduced them in every way.

"Inability of so-called Belarusian opposition for dialogue is the medical diagnosis", jeered the narrator.

It seems that the offer of dialogue was usual Lukashenko's demagoguery.