Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Today 'silent protests' resume

Today, by the idea of ​​campaign activists of the Revolution through Social Network should be held the first 'silent' action after a break.

As the coordinator Vyacheslav Dianov told UDF.BY web site, the first action will take place in a new format: "to be selected an area on the main cities' avenues or streets, where protesters will be concentrated. Thus, at this time not a particular square was chosen, but an area on the main street.".

It should be noted that the Revolution through Social Network for the first time made the demands of the authorities:

- To guarantee the inviolability of deposits and savings;
- Indexation of salaries, pensions and benefits as of the May 2010 and the market rate of Belarusian ruble;
- The rate of the National Bank should be set in accordance with a market value, "rather than banging one's fist on the table";
- Broad and open public debates on economic and political situation in the country - debates in the state media, with the participation of representatives of the government, opposition, experts and economists;
- Immediate release and rehabilitation of all political prisoners;
- To stop the repressions against political opponents, social activists, journalists and human rights advocates;
- Real actions to save the Belarusian language;
- To introduce a cut price or free travel on public transport for pupils and students all over the country, not only in Minsk;
- Free currency trading without documents and registration of purchase and sale.

Organizers recommend participants not to provoke the police by shouting, clapping or using any symbols. "Any drunk (inadequate) person will be regarded as a provocateur", warn coordinators.

In the Vkontakte community of the Revolution through Social Network it is also noted the plan of action on September 21 was developed in the light of the past actions experience and the Belarusian Law on mass events (the law On Mass Events and the decree of the Executive Committee of Minsk).