Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Makey dismissed the Public Advisory Council

Head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus Vladimir Makey dismissed the Public Advisory Council, so that its members are not accused of collaboration with the authorities, as one of the PAC members has informed Interfax-Zapad news agency.

"We received a dispatch from the Head of the Public Advisory Council under the Presidential Administration Vladimir Makey, in which he informs us of his decision to stop an activity of the PAC", said an interlocutor of the agency.

"Head of the Presidential Administration explained his decision by saying that the PAC's work can not be truly fruitful in the atmosphere of accusations that the structure is completely controlled by the authorities, and members of the Council are the Administration's appointees", he said.

In his letter V.Makey notes that "the PAC's members are subject to undeserved defamation from the part of external and internal opponents of sincere dialogue". The Head of the Presidential Administration is convinced that in this situation "the PAC's activity would cause damage to the reputation of each of its members, led to a split in the country's civil society". He believes the authorities should not "give rise to various rumors and accusations of insincere behavior".

V. Makey expressed his gratitude to the PAC's members for quite fruitful, in his opinion, cooperation over the past period. "I am convinced, your personal experience and focus on the constructive affairs will be useful in the future in a context of the big dialogue idea, which was announced by the state government", he concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the Public Advisory Council was formed in 2009 under the Administration of President of the Republic of Belarus. The purpose to create the structure is a discussion of live issues of state and society progress, developing proposals for Belarus integration into global processes, an improvement of social and economic and political development of the country.