Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

The opposition is thinking about creating self-defense squads

Klim Haletsky, Maria Kovaleva, UDF.BY

The Belarusian president has the only ally who has never let him down in a difficult situation - fear. This was stated by the leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka at a press conference in Minsk on October 3, commenting on the recent attacks on opposition leaders.

"Lukashenko left one ally, and this is not Russia, not the Arab countries - is fear. He has never let him down in a difficult situation. And now he relies only on fear", said Anatol Lyabedzka.

According to him, the Belarusian authorities are in chaos, because "on the one hand, they send impulses to Europe, saying that they are ready to do something, and releasing political prisoners, and on the other hand, occur such situations like with me and Valery Ukhnalev"

We remind, on October 1, the UCP chairman Anatol Lyabedzka and the deputy chairman of Spravedlivy Mir (A Just World) party Valery Ukhnalev were attacked by unknowns. Anatol Lyabedzka was attacked in the yard of his house by a few unknowns in civilian clothes, and his neighbors helped to repel the attacks. Valery Ukhnalev's car was stopped at night on a road by a man in a uniform of a traffic policeman. Then arrived masked bandits, stole a large sum of money, mobile phones, two laptop computers and the keys to home and car.

UCP leader called the bandits, who attacked the oppositionists, "squadrons of fear." According to A. Lyabedzka, if the actions of unknowns is not responded adequately, "the psychological pressure and attacks on opposition leaders, activists and their relatives will continue".

The politician invited to think about creating squads of self-defense: "We have to count these people, take off their masks. Appeal to Alexander Grigorievich and say: "Stop your bandits, it's useless".

He also noted, that it is almost impossible to organize the 24 hours protection: "The best protection is publicity".

"We need solidarity among the supporters of change and international solidarity. We need a plan how to actively oppose the squadrons of fear. In the coming days we will decide in what format we will act", said Lyabedzka.

The chairman of A Just World party Sergey Kalyakin suggested that the attackers on Valery Ukhnalev may be related to the law enforcement system. There are two reasons:

- Firstly, a number of the car was recorded and reported to the district department of Volozhin. It turned out that this number more than a year was taken to law enforcement agencies, for some reason it's not destroyed and used.

Secondly, the style is identical to the previous gangsters attacks and to those used tools, when they bullied over political prisoners. This is just an attempt to humiliate and scare, -
believes Sergei Kalyakin. He also said that the man who stopped the car of the deputy chairman of the party, was dressed in a uniform of a traffic policeman, and "a police uniform doesn't lie on a street".