Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Lukashenka: I do not hold on to the president seat

Alexander Lukashenka at a press conference with Russian media said he was ready to leave the post of Belarusian president, if he would be convinced that the overwhelming majority of Belarusians "hate Lukashenka".

- If I was just sure and knew that Belarusians by 80 percent or more hate Lukashenka, I would gather all these belongings, put on a table and say: thank you Belarusians the brothers. I'll earn for my living - quotes Alexander Lukashenka www.interfax.by.

- I do not hold on to this seat, as you sometimes write in Russia: for power or because of wealth and money,
- the president said Russian journalists.

The results of independent polls that show a decrease in his rating, Lukashenka called "complete lies". The president believes that the Belarusians should "love" him. "And why don't they love? Tell me, for what? Do I work worse than others? No. Not loving must be for something", think A.Lukashenka.

The president also asked not to worry about his health: "Don't worry, I feel fine, still going to live a lot".

- My kid (the youngest son Nikolay - ed.) is 7 years old, I still need to put him on his legs, - quotes Lukashenka www.interfax.by.

- It may not be true, that I'll be president for a long time, and in this regard he will be relatively fine, - the president added. - So, I think at least at the age of over 90 I won't die. I'll have to live and think where to earn money.