Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Belarusians gathered at People's Assembly


People's Assemblies were held on October 8 in dozens of cities in Belarus.

Despite the rain and repressions from the authorities, people gathered to discuss the economic, social and political problems in the country.

Participants of the assembly unanimously adopted the resolution with the requirements for the authorities:

- To stop the unreasonable rise in prices;

- To provide real salaries, pensions, scholarships and financial benefits at the level of December 2010 in the dollar equivalent;

- To provide citizens with the opportunity of free currency exchange, to let them return the foreign currency loans in Belarusian rubles;

- To prevent hidden unemployment and termination of enterprises work;

- To stop the secret mafia-controlled sale of Belarusian enterprises;

- To ensure free and unimpeded operation of non-state media;

- To declassify "the presidential fund" and send its money for social assistance to low-income ones;

- To unleash the economic initiative and give entrepreneurs the opportunity to create new workplaces.

At the meeting on Bangalore Square in Minsk participated ex-presidential candidates Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu and Vital Rymasheuski, the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka, the deputy chairman of the "Just World" Party Valery Ukhnalyou, and also the former political prisoners Nikita Likhavid and Dmitry Drozd.

The next People's Assembly will be held on November 12. Citizens will discuss there whether the authorities fulfill their demands.

It should be noted, that on the eve of the action, the majority of activists were given warnings from the Prosecutor's Office, many of them were detained, some sentenced to administrative arrest.

The co-chairs of the Organizing Committee of the People's Assembly Viktor Ivashkevich and Gennady Fedynich were warned by the General Prosecutor's Office and Minsk City Executive Committee.