Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

Ivashkevich: I want to stop these endless talks about fairy-tale grants

Klim Haletsky, UDF.BY

Today one of organizers of the People's Assembly Victor Ivashkevich filed a lawsuit against the National State TV and Radio Company to 40 basic units (1 million 400 thousand rubles).

The politician demands to compensate him moral damage and to refute the detractive statements that were made on the air of Belarusian Television Channel (BT) on October 9.

We remind, the politician's indignation was caused by BT employees' statement, that Victor Ivashkevich requested a grant of $340 thousand dollars for preparation and conduct of the People's Assembly. Application for the money he has allegedly sent to the Director of Marshall Fund Joerg Forbrig.

UDF.BY correspondent talked to the politician.

- Why the size of the claim amounted to 40 basic units?

- I decided to set this sum, because the Sovietsky District Court fined me to 40 basic units. For allegedly illegal participation and conduct of the People's Assebly. Authorities have fined me, let they compensate. In addition, BT must made a material, refuting the lies and dirt, which was announced in the program "In the spotlight" on October 9.

- Don't you think that the claim is as tilting at windmills? It's hard to believe that the Belarusian court will objectively evaluate the statements of BT?

- Certainly, the opposition politicians almost don't respond to slanders of the state media ... In fact, the majority of these suits are hopeless.

- Then why did you filed it?

- I used the situation with BT to stop these endless talks about the huge grants that are allocated by someone to conduct the assemblies. Moreover, they circulate not only among the authorities, whose words all intelligent people don't believe in, but also among part of the opposition, which, instead of active support of the People's Assembly, sets strange rumors about the fairy-tale wealth of Fedynich and Ivashkevich.

- That is, your actions is not just a desire to expose BT as a liar, but also a signal to some oppositionists?

- Yes, it is. If I got some grants or took part in some tenders for real, then let journalists provide appropriate financial documents to expose me. Moreover, I am accused of a criminal offence, allegedly I also didn't pay taxes on fictional grants. Let's wait for the court. I hope, it will bring clarity and not just say that Ivashkevich isn't guilty, and BT didn't lie too.