Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Ažubalis: Europe sees no future of this regime in Belarus

"I only see a change for the worst", said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania in answer to the question of the radio station "Žinių radijas", which way Belarus is moving today.

"Especially what happens now in the so-called new legislative process, where rises the role of special forces and the president, whom they are accountable to, this indicates the reduction in civil liberties", the head of Lithuanian diplomacy said.

It seems, this was also noticed by the United States and European countries, which have already removed the pink glasses and give more coordinated and effective support to strengthen the civil society in Belarus.

The minister said that Lithuania had already invited other EU countries to begin creating "post-lukashenko" strategy of relations with Belarus.

"This timely suggested idea is intended to show Belarusian society and power elite, that Europe sees no future of this regime in Belarus and is already preparing the new policy of relations with new Belarusian authorities," A. Ažubalis said.

As the Lithuanian minister noted, Belarus is in strong need of money, so it refuses from bigger and bigger part of its sovereignty in exchange for Russian support for its policy of "receiving and distributing".

But the minister didn't predict how much of that sovereignty, which it still has, the government of Belarus is ready to sell for the opportunity to continue this policy.