Updated at 17:46,10-07-2018

Belarusian security forces disperse demonstrations by means of EU grants

"Dialogue should be on the first place of overall EU strategy towards Belarus", the political analyst Vladimir Matskevich thinks.

Also, the expert notes that the dialogue shouldn't be between Lukashenka and Europe, but "between Lukashenka and the anti-lukashenka community in Belarus".

"Europe can only be the mediator in this dialogue and the guarantor of the agreements will be implemented", Vladimir Matskevich told in an interview with Belsat. At the same time, the political analyst notes, that much of the resources of today's authorities have a "European origin".

"Even the security forces who disperse demonstrations, disperse them partly on grant funds, which were allocated by the EU to strengthen law enforcement agencies. They think they give it for protection of rights, but it was given for violence. It is necessary to stop such things, - Matskevich said. - Europe is still feeding the regime. This is done by the small group of officials responsible for small programs without coordinating them with the overall European policy".

It is likely, that the official Minsk loses a small amount of supporters in the EU anyway. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius Ažubalis said, that he saw in Belarus "only a change for the worse".

"What happens now in the so-called new legislative process, where rises the role of special forces and the president, whom they are accountable to, indicates the reduction in civil liberties", Ažubalis stressed.

What will be the consequences for the official Minsk?

"The word of Lithuanian politicians is very important in these matters, since Lithuania is in the closest relations with Belarus. One can say, it is EU Ambassador. Therefore, the opinion of Lithuanian politicians is very significant, and even if it is not accepted entirely, it is attentively considered ", Matskevich said.