Updated at 17:46,10-07-2018

Recruitment in KGB: one strangled, the second beat by foot

Radio Liberty

On Tuesday at the Belarusian House in Warsaw was the press conference of network activists, where they talked about how Belarusian KGB recruited them.

The conference was attended by the community administrator "Revolution via social network" Vyacheslav Dianov, his colleague Vladimir Kumets, the administrator of the community "We are for Great Belarus" Sergey Pavlyukevich and Maksim Cherniavsky who was the administrator of the group "We'are sick of this Lukashenko" in the social network Vkontakte.

Gazeta Wyborcza gives the details of the press conference:

Sergey Pavlyukevich repeatedly rejected offers of cooperation. Finally KGB men stopped inviting him to meet politely and instead caught him right on the street:

"They threw me facing a floor. One sat on my shoulders and put on my head a plastic bag. He griped it and pull my head back so far, that my neck almost cracked. Meanwhile the second one beat me by feet. When you gasp like a fish pulled out of water, then you don't think anymore about morality. You feel dying, and the only thing you want is them to stop. And when they finally give you a breath, you grab an air in your mouth as fast as possible until the bag squeezes again, you try to pronounce only: "Yes, I agree. I'll sign it. What else I have to do?"

"Yes, you sign and agree on everything, - says Maksim Cherniavsky. - Suddenly, everything becomes nice and pleasant. "Could you do it at once?", they ask. You're smiling and nodding your head. Now you have new friends. You must sell out the old ones".

Dianov cost Maksim the price of a camera. Maksim is a journalist, he takes pictures and dreamed of a professional unit. They promised, he would get it. Instead, on any pretext he had to take out Dianov to Ukraine. Because in Poland KGB has no direct access to him. In Ukraine and Russia special services of Belarus have much more freedom.

Among other tasks that were entrusted to new agents, was also careful observation of Polish actions on Belarusian field. They were required to transmit information about all the events in Poland, concerning Belarus.

"They were particularly interested in the meetings in Seim, - says Vladimir Kumets. - I had to record and transmit word by word what was discussed at the conferences. Later, as an activist of the opposition I would also participate in the meetings closed to the press".

Vladimir, except for control over Dianov, was assigned by KGB to send lists of Kalinowski program students, as well as information about supporters of the Belarusian opposition from the Polish side.

"I thought that after the conference, after this "coming out", I will finally have peace, - says Vladimir Kumets. - But my hands are shaking. I'm afraid, whether I've destroyed the life of my family remained in Belarus".