Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Medvedev named the date of the Belarusian sovereignty funeral


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev doesn't exclude the possibility, that the Eurasian Economic Union can be created before 2015.

"If conditions are matured, we will move faster. We won't run ahead, won't bustle, but if we can, we will move faster", Medvedev said on Friday at a press conference after the talks between the leaders of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, RIA Novosti informs.

Today in Moscow the heads of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed the Declaration on the Eurasian Economic Integration and the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Commission.

The Declaration states a transition to the next stage of the integrative construction - the Common Economic Space (CES), based on norms and principles of the WTO and opened for accession by other states at any stage of its formation.

The document also identifies further ways of the integrative cooperation in the format of "a triplet". The ultimate goal is the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union.

In accordance with the signed contract on the Eurasian Economic Commission, it is endowed with functions to manage processes of integration in the format of the CU and the CES, and should start its work on 1 January 2012.

Independent Belarusian experts believe, that Belarus has lost a part of its sovereignty. However, for Lukashenko it is the last chance to stay in his seat.

"Lukashenko burned the bridges to the West himself, quarreled with his neighbors and printed so many blank money before the elections, that he collapsed the market. Now no one wants to lend money", told the political analyst Aleksandr Klaskouski in an interview with "Salidarnast". "Moscow is waiting for Lukashenko according to the saying - "a goat will come to a cart". Duumvirate sees, that the top of Belarusian regime has nowhere to go. It remains only to crawl on one's knees in the Kremlin."

According to the expert, the ruling elite of Belarus hopes that it will use the pre-election situation in Russia for the benefit of itself.

"Probably, in this case, they figure on playing up to them before elections, to get discounts, a loan from the EurAsEC, and later (about which President Aleksandr Lukashenka said during exercises on the territorial defense) as the president he won't accept the common currency", Klaskouski stresses. "But exactly the presence of the common currency with a single printing press in Moscow is one of the features of a new project".