Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

"They swallowed the current rise in fuel prices, and will swallow the next one"


Another rally "Stop Petrol" can take place in Belarus on December 5. At this time there won't be neither the organizers nor the coordinators of the action - in the social networks not indifferent activists agree on the plan by their own.

According to the 10 o'clock of Monday morning, the vote on a time of the action still haven't been finished: at 18.00 or 19.00? However, more and more people are inclined to the second option. At this time, the "Stop Petrol" participants in the regions will be located on the main street opposite the town hall. In Minsk, the area of the protest is Kastrychnitskaya Square.

People are going to protest in response to a 10 percent increase in fuel prices on December 3, Salidarnasts writes.

We remind, the previous "Stop petrol" actions, which were organized by the movement For Auto, have been failed. At the last one, on November 11, neither the mass nor the individual signals of cars, nor any other protest actions of motorists at the center of Minsk was not observed.

UDF.BY asked for a comment the coordinator of the movement For Auto, Artem Sharkov:

- We don't relate to today's action. Now, it's difficult to understand, what Belarusians need. We see, that people just don't want to solve social problems. On Saturday the petrol again has risen in price by 10%. Nothing - motorists "swallowed" this increase. Before the New Year, I think, gasoline will rise in price one more time. But it's unlikely, that anyone will protest against it.

The movement For Auto continues to work. Our efforts are now focused not on organizing protests of motorists, but on the analytical work. We are preparing for the Council of Ministers our proposals on the formation of fuel prices. We are trying to get the government's feedback. But we see, that our ideas, unfortunately, are not interesting to the officials.